Matt Warren-Rock The Nation.

Having written Rock The Nation,  Matt Warren entered the studio with this friend Miguel Garcia who would co-produce the track. This was fitting, as it was Miguel Garcia who had suggested Matt who was now rapping record a single. The pair recorded what was going to be Matt’s debut single.

Now all Matt Warren needed was a label to willing release his single Rock The Nation. Enter Alwan Records which was one of many small labels that had sprung up in Chicago in 1985. It agreed to release what was Matt’s earliest house single. However, it was neither the happiest nor most profitable venture of Matt’s career. So much so, that: “we vowed to never sign with a label and just put out our own music.

Not long after this, Matt Warren and  Miguel Garcia founded Sunset Records with Alex and Robert Rojo who ran the Sunset Mobile Disco. The new label Sunset Records would release sixteen singles. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if hadn’t been for Matt Warren’s experience with Alwan Records?


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