Matt Warren The Way To My Heart (Club Mix).

By 1986, Matt Warren had come a long in a relatively short space of time. He had founded Sunset Records in 1985 with Miguel Garcia, and brothers Alex and Robert Rojo who ran the Sunset Mobile Disco. Sunset Records released The Razz EP in 1985 which launched Matt’s career and by 1986 the DJ and producer was regarded as one of the rising stars of the Chicago House scene.

Matt returned with a new single in 1986, The Way To My Heart which he wrote, mixed and produced. Joining him in the studio was Pepper Gomez who was part of Master Plan when they enjoyed a hit single with house classic Pushin’ Too Hard. Now she was working with Matt who produced Electric Baile for Master Plan. However, in 1986 Pepper Gomez wrote the lyrics to The Way To My Heart and added the vocals. 

When The Way To My Heart was released on Sunset Records, there were four different mixes of this deep house track, including the Club Mix. The combination of Matt’s production skills and Pepper Gomez’s sultry vocal was a potent one resulted in another memorable floor filler from the rising star of house…Matt Warren. 


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