Matt Warren’s All Vinyl Set Live in Zurich, Switzerland, 2005

By 2005, vinyl had fallen out of favour, and the majority of record shops were full of CDs. Some record shops weren’t even interested in stocking vinyl, and wouldn’t even buy collections of vinyl. It looked it was the end for vinyl.

Especially when many DJs turned their back on vinyl. Before long, many clubs no longer had turntables in the DJ box. Many of the clubs that still had turntables in their DJ box no longer maintained them, as many DJs had started playing CDs. It was much more convenient for globetrotting DJs.

No longer did international DJs have to pay excess luggage for their DJ boxes. Nor was there the chance that a DJ box full of rare vinyl would go ‘ missing’ in transit. Instead, many DJs carried a folder of CDs in their hand luggage which meant there was no chance that they would be left high and dry with any floor fillers. CDs looked like the future for international DJs. However, some international DJs were still spinning vinyl during some of their sets.

This included Matt Warren, when he played in Zurich, Switzerland, 2005. That night, Matt decided to play a set on vinyl that included  I Cube, Nick Santillian, Roy Davis Jr, Fries and Bridges and Stacy Kidd during a set of deep jazzy and soulful house. This won over the audience and reminded Matt of when he started out as a DJ in the late-seventies.

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