Razz featuring Matt Warren and Ralphi Rosario-Razz-Matazz.

Razz-Matazz was one of the two tracks that Ralphi Rosario wrote for The Razz EP. Just like the rest of the tracks on The Razz EP, Matt Warren and Ralphi Rosario joined forces to produce this slammin’ track. After that, they brought onboard Farley “Jackmaster” Funk to mix The Razz EP, which they planned to release on Sunset Records.

Matt Warren and Ralphi Rosario had founded Sunset Records with Alex and Robert Rojo who ran the Sunset Mobile Disco. The Rojo brothers were the go-to-guys for anyone wanting a lavish and extravagant party in Chicago. Sunset Records was a new venture for the brothers and one that started with a successful release.

The Razz RP was released in 1985 with the catalogue number SUN-2766 and was a big success. This was the first of sixteen singles that Sunset Records released. However, for many DJs and dancers The Razz EP and tracks like Razz-Matazz will have a special place in their heart.

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