The Man Behind The Music-Matt Warren

Matt Warren has been a valuable part of the international Dance music community for over three decades. His many accomplishments have earned him a loyal following amongst DJ`s and club-goers looking for the next beat. Matt began His career as a DJ in 1979. By 1983 he was not only spinning records in some of Chicago’s hottest clubs, but was also serving as a Billboard reporter and working at Chicago’s W.G.C.I.

In 1985 Matt started his own label, Sunset Records. The first release titled The Razz EP, was a collaboration with Ralphi Rosario. This initial track sold very well. The label Released a total of fifteen more singles, many of which were licensed to labels around the World. In 1987 Matt established a second label known as AKA Dance Music. Their first release was Bang The Box. The record was a huge success, selling over 50,000 copies. It was also heavily licensed overseas, all without the benefit of independent promotion or a giant distribution machine. In many circles, this record is regarded as one of the first Hard House tracks ever made.

Matt’s list of credits is impressive. Including multiple platinum Awards for his work with Björk, Faith Evans and KMFDM. He has been a producer and remixer dating back to the beginnings of house music, working with such names as Byron Stingily, Ron Carroll, Steve Silk Hurley and Shawn Christopher. As an artist, Matt has had releases on various American and European dance labels including: Nervous, Strictly Rhythm, Rama, BCM, ZYX and After Hours.

Matt also continues to keep his dance floor sensibility by spinning records in the hottest clubs around the world and as a resident DJ at many of Chicago’s top nightclubs including: Harry’s Velvet Room, Super Lounge and Vision. Matt has also been doing a lot of traveling appearing at U.S. & International DJ gigs in cities like: New York, Detroit, Miami, Hawaii. As well as countries including Germany, France, Canada and Switzerland.

The Matt Warren story continues with the release of a new album. This will be the first new music that he has released in ten years. Matt Warren’s new album, Music Is My Life, will be released in North America in October 2018 and in the UK and Europe in early 2019 by the Florida based label Wake Up! Music. This label is run by Maddy Pepper, the former house vocalist turned record label owner and filmmaker. The pair worked together on many house tracks in the eighties, and Maddy knows that Matt Warren means it when he says “Music Is My Life.”



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