Matt Warren Bang The Box (The House Mix)

By 1987, Matt Warren was a successful DJ and producer who two years earlier had founded Sunset Records. One of the tracks Matt planned to release was Bang The Box which he had just recorded. However, there was just one problem, his partners in Sunset Records didn’t like the track. This put Matt in an awkward position,

Matt had founded Sunset Records with three of his friends, and he didn’t want to spoil his friendship because of a track. However, he knew that Bang The Box was a banger that had the potential to be a hit. What was he to do?

Rather than spoil his friendship with his partners, Matt decided to resign from Sunset Records and setup a new label AKA Dance Music. This left him free to release Bang The Box later in 1987.

Bang The Box was released in 1987 baring the catalogue number AKA 1. Matt and his former partners at Sunset Records watched as Bang The Box sold in excess of 50,000 copies. While this wasn’t much compared to the million-selling albums released in 1987, this was good for a Chicago House track. It featured Bang The Beat (The House Mix) which was soon a favourite of house DJs.

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