Modern Mechanical Music Featuring Matt, Nick and Michaelangelo–Pleasure Dome (Club Mix)

The fifth release on Matt Warren’s new label AKA Dance Music was Pleasure Dome, which was recorded and mixed at Modern Mechanical Music, in Chicago. That was where Matt Warren, Nick Huminsky a.k.a. Nick H and Michaelangelo joined forces to record Pleasure Dome with engineer Dane Roewade.

Pleasure Dome was written by Matt Warren and Nick H who took charge of production. However, Matt and Nick H both mixed the four tracks on Pleasure Dome. This included the Pleasure Dome (Club Mix), Pleasure Dome (Instrumental), Pleasure Dome (Dub Mix) and Pleasure Dome (House Mix) which were then mastered at Trutone Mastering Labs.

With Pleasure Dome ready for release, it was released with the catalogue number AKA-5 and was the next chapter in the AKA Dance Music story. However, despite the personnel involved in the single, it failed the replicate the success of Bang The Box. 

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