Modern Mechanical Music Featuring Matt, Nick and Michaelangelo–Pleasure Dome (Dub Mix)

With AKA Dance Music up and running, and already having released four singles, Matt Warren was ready to record a new track that he had written. To do this, required a little help from two of friends who were familiar faces from the Chicago House scene.

They were Nick Huminsky a.k.a. Nick H and Miguel Garcia who had dawned the Michaelangelo moniker. The two producers joined Matt at Modern Mechanical Music, in Chicago, where they planned to record Pleasure Dome with engineer Dane Roewade.

Pleasure Dome was written by Matt Warren and Nick H who took charge of production. When it came time to mix the four tracks on Pleasure Dome, Matt and Nick H joined forces. as they mixed the Pleasure Dome (Club Mix), Pleasure Dome (Instrumental), Pleasure Dome (Dub Mix) and Pleasure Dome (House Mix). These mixes were then mastered at Trutone Mastering Labs, and after that, Pleasure Dome was ready for release.

Pleasure Dome was released later in 1987, and was billed as Modern Mechanical Music Featuring Matt, Nick and Michaelangelo. the latest addition to AKA Dance Music’s discography was a memorable one that featured four quality cuts inkling the Instrumental mix.

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