Modern Mechanical Music–Persia (Dub Mix).

In 1986, Modern Mechanical Music released Persia as their debut single Persia on Sunset Records. It was written by Matt Warren and Nick H who joined forces with with Miguel Garcia a.k.a. Michaelangelo and became Modern Mechanical Music. They made their way to  Reid Hyams’ Chicago Trax Recording Studio and were joined by some familiar faces on the Chicago House scene.

This included Joe Pusateri who added percussion and Tom O’Callaghan was responsible for the sequencing. They also joked Matt and Michaelangelo when the time came to adding vocal chants.

Meanwhile, Matt and Michaelangelo mixed and produced the three tracks. This included Persia (Club Mix), Persia (Dub) and Doo Doo Daa (Bonus Beats) which was written by Matt, Michaelangelo and Tom O’Callaghan. These tracks became Modern Mechanical Music’s debut single which was released on  Sunset Records in 1986 and featured Persia (Dub. It was the addition to Matt Warren’s burgeoning musical CV. 

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