Matt Warren-Take It To The Wall (Matt’s Mix).

When Matt Warren released Take It To The Wall as a single on AKA Dance Music in 1987, it featured three mixes of the track that had been written by Nick H. The two mixes that featured on the A-Side were Take It To The Wall (Nick’s Mix) and Take It To The Wall (Kevin’s Mix). This meant that Take It To The Wall (Matt’s Mix) which featured on the B-Side. However, by then, Matt was seeing things like this from a different perspective.

He had been of the four founders of Sunset Records in 1985, and resigned from the label in 1987 to found AKA Dance Music. Success came quickly for Matt when the first release on AKA Dance Music sold over 50,000 copies. Matt was keen to replicate this success and released two more singles on AKA Dance Music. This included Michael Griffin featuring George Karchmer and Khrissie Henderson’s Close Your Eyes and BnC’s House Ain’ Givin’ Up. Later in 1987, Matt released his second single on AKA Dance Music was Take It To The Wall.

Matt had co-produced Take It To The Wall with Nick H who wrote the track. Nick H had dawned his White Knight moniker and was joined by Kevin Halstead and engineer Dane Roewade. Nick, Kevin and Matt all mixed the track which was mastered at Trutone Mastering Labs. Now that the single was completed, it was scheduled for release later in 1987.

Tucked away on the B-Side of Take It To The Wall was Matt’s mix, which is an oft-overlooked track from Matt Warren’s back-catalogue. Especially seen as it shows where Chicago House was at during 1987.


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