Michaelangelo-You Can Do It

Although Matt Warren made his name as a house producer, his first single Rock The Nation, which was released on Alwan Records in 1985 found him rapping. Later in 1985, Matt had founded Sunset Records with three of his friends. This included Miguel Garcia who suggested Matt record his first record. Miguel Garcia had now dawned the Michaelangelo moniker and was all set to record a single You Can Do It.

Miguel Garcia had written You Can Do It and was joined by Ralphi Rosario. The pair added backing vocals and were joined by lead vocalist Tammy Thomas and a new kid in town, rapper Matt “The Mighty” Warren. They recorded You Can Do It which was arranged by Dane Roewade and Miguel Garcia who took charge of production. However, when it came time to mix You Can Do It, You Can Do It (You Can Dub), You Can Do It (Bonus Do It’s) and You Can Do It (You Can Accapella) this fell to Miguel Garcia and Matt Warren. Once the four tracks were complete, they were released later in 1985.

You Can Do It catalogue number SUN-2770 was released later in 1985 on Sunset Records in 1985, and was the debut single from Michaelangelo. It included You Can Do It which was a favourite of DJs and dancers,

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