Team-The Music’s Got Me (Radio Mix).

By 1988, Matt Warren’s new label AKA Dance Music was preparing to release The Music’s Got Me, which was the debut single by Team, which featured La-Dell Jones and Milton Patterson. They had written, arranged and produced The Music’s Got Me, which would feature vocalist Pimp.

To record The Music’s Got Me, Team headed to Star Trax Recording where they worked with engineer Steve Spapperi. He and Matt Warren then mixed the four tracks which included The Music’s Got Me (Radio Mix), The Music’s Got Me (Club Mix), The Music’s Got Me (Dub Mix) and The Music’s Got Me (Drum-A-Pella). After that, they were mastered at Trutone Mastering Labs, and AKA-6 was ready to release.

Team’s debut single The Music’s Got Me was released later in 1988, and featured the Radio Mix which received star billing. Sadly, there was no followup to The Music’s Got Me which was Team’s only single. However, they played a walk-on part in the history of house music which had exploded in popularity by 1988.


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