Nexus 6-Take Me Higher (The Ultimate Acid Mix).

In 1988, Nexus 6, which was a new project that featured Jaime Bonet and Marco Christy, were preparing to record their debut single. This was Take Me Higher, which Jaime Bonet and Marco Christy had written and were about to record at Off World Studios.

Joining Nexus 6 in the studio were engineer Dane Roewade and Matt Warren, who owned and ran AKA Dance Music. He assumed the role of executive producer during the Take Me Higher sessions and mixed four tracks with Nexus 6. This included Take Me Higher (Club Mix), Take Me Higher (Radio Mix), Take Me Higher (The Ultimate Acid Mix) and Take Me Higher (Twilight Mix). After the session was over, they were mastered and ready for release later in 1988.

When Take Me Higher was pressed it featured the catalogue number AKA-7. Little did anyone realise that this was an important release for AKA Dance Music.

When Nexus was released later in 1988, it featured Take Me Higher (The Ultimate Acid Mix) which featured beeps, squeaks and squelching sounds that came courtesy of the Roland TB-303. The track was bang on trend and was what may DJs were playing on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Despite being bang on trend, Take Me Higher was the last release by Matt Warren’s AKA Dance Music. While it was a short-lived label, the seven singles it released became part of Chicago House’s history and showed how music had evolved between 1987 and 1988.

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