Boom Boom and Master Plan-Face The Music (Radio Mix

Following the success of their debut single Electric Baile, Master Plan which featured house diva Pepper Gomez, were preparing to record their new single. This time, they were collaborating with Boom Boom when they recorded record Face The Music.

Tom O’Callaghan and Tony Badea had written Face The Music which featured lyrics by Pepper Gomez. The new single was going to be recorded at the Chicago Recording Company.

That was where Boom Boom and Master Plan met engineer Tom Hanson who later, took charge of editing Face The Music. Before that, Tom O’Callaghan played keyboards and added backing vocals while Pepper Gomez delivered the vocal on this future house anthem. Taking charge of production was  Master Plan, with Matt Warren and Mario Diaz mixing Face The Music (Club Mix), Face The Music (Radio Mix) and Face The Music (Dub Mix). These tracks were released with the catalogue number SUN-2775.

The anthemic Face The Music was released on Sunset Records in 1986, and was one of the nascent label’s finest hours. Face The Music became a favourite of DJs, who spun the different versions of the track including Face The Music (Radio Mix).

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