Kajsa-Try, Try Again (Condo Mix)

Kajsa only ever released one single, Try, Try Again, which was released on Sunset Records in 1986.  Try, Try Again was written by Kajsa and Scott Free and was recorded at Reid Hyams’ Chicago Trax Recording Studio.

When the sessions began at Chicago Trax Recording Studio, Kajsa was joined in the studio by some familiar faces. Steve Spapperi was about to engineer the studio and Tom O’Callaghan had taken charge of sequencing, Joining Kajsa in adding backing vocals were Carl L. Hall, Sylvia Fedrick and Scott Free who produced Try, Try Again with Matt Warren who was also executive producer and was responsible for Try, Try Again (Mansion Mix). It was joined by Try, Try Again (Condo Mix), Try, Try Again (House Mix), Try,Try Again (A Cappella) and Try,Try Again (Radio Edit). These tracks were released later in 1986 and became Kajsa’s debut single Try, Try Again.

When SUN-2779 was released and featured the Try, Try Again (Condo Mix), nobody had any idea that this single marked the end of an era. It was the last release on Sunset Records that Matt Warren was involved with. He resigned from Sunset Records shortly afterwards and Kajsa’s debut single Try, Try Again was his swan-song at the label he had founded in 1985.

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