AKA Dance Music The Story In Pictures.

In 1985, DJ and producer Matt Warren founded Sunset Records with Miguel Garcia, Alex and Robert Rojo who were three of his closest friends. Within just two years, Sunset Records had released several important tracks and was an influential label within the Chicago House scene. Meanwhile, Matt was enjoying a success career as a DJ and producer by 1987, and was just about to record a new track which he hoped to release on Sunset Records.

This was Bang The Box, which Matt had written, mixed and produced at Chicago Traxx Recording Studio. Matt had recorded Bang The with engineer  Steve Spapperi and was keen to play his new track to his friends and business partners.

When Matt arrived at the meeting, he already knew that the track was going to be a success, and couldn’t wait to play the track to his three business partners and friends who usually loved the music he made. Not this time: they didn’t like Bang The Box and didn’t want to release the track on Sunset Records. For Matt this was a huge disappointment.

While Matt could’ve left Bang The Box unreleased, he knew within his heart of heart that the track was going to be a hit. Matt wasn’t willing to leave what he later described as a “house banger” unreleased, and with a heavy heart, decided to resign from Sunset Records. After that, Matt founded AKA Dance Music which allowed him to released Bang The Box and not  jeopardise his friendships. It was the best of both worlds.

When the newly founded AKA Dance Music released Bang The Box in 1987, Matt’s belief in Bang The Box was justified as the song sold over 50,000 copies in America along. Bang The Box was the perfect start to Matt’s new label AKA Dance Music which released seven singles between 1987 and 1988.

Matt Warren-Bang The Box-AKA-1.

Michael Griffin Featuring George Karchmer and Khrissie Henderson-Close Your Eyes-AKA-2.

BnC-House Ain’t Givin’ Up-AKA-3.

Matt-Warren-Take It To The Wall-AKA=4.

Modern Mechanical Music Featuring Matt, Nick and Michaelangelo-Pleasure Dome-AKA-5.

Team-The Music’s Got Me-AKA-6.

Nexus 6-Take Me Higher-AKA-7.


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