The Night Writers Let The Music (Use You) and BnC House Ain’t Givin Up.

In 1987, house music was huge in Britain and somewhat belatedly, British DJs were catching up with their American counterparts. A generation was spending weekends on a magical mystery tour round the British countryside knowing that at the end of the journey, they were going to dance until dawn. It took time to get there, as the organisers played a game of cat and mouse with the police.

They would eventually clamp down on raves, but in 1987, it seemed innocent fun to the rave generation. It was certainly the highlight of the week for many young disenfranchised young Brits. Some were jobless, others working in dead end jobs and many living in sink estates. A rave at the weekend was a chance to escape from the drudgery and mundane reality. A generation was living for the weekend.

They made it through another week knowing that they were going to get loved, dancing in a field in the middle of the nowhere and maybe meet someone special. It was what they lived and long for week after week. Especially when the DJ dropped one of their favourite anthems.

By 1987, Jack Trax was releasing some of the best Chicago House tracks in Britain. This included The Night Writers’ Let The Music (Use You) and BnC ’s House Ain’t Givin Up as a split single.  While some of the house heads liked the Dean Anderson mix, most preferred the Matt Warren mix of House Ain’t Givin Up which was a floor filling anthem and for many, one of the highlights of their weekend.

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