D.J. D-Man-Dooky Boody (Remix)

By 1995, house music continued to evolve, as a new new breed of producers started to release new singles and albums. Suddenly, what was once described simply as house music was being separated into numerous sub-genres. There was everything from deep house, electro house and hard house, to  jazz house, Latin house, progressive house, tech house and tribal house. Many DJs decided to concentrate on one specific sub-genre, while others sstruggled to cope with the ever-changing house scene.

Others embraced the changing face of house music, including Matt Warren one of the pioneers of Chicago House, and the founding father of hard house. He was into his second decade as a producer and remixer, and was working on a variety of different projects. Still Matt loved house music which he spun in his DJ sets. Matt also enjoyed working on remixes and when the call came remix a track for D.J D-Man’s single Dooky Boody he answered in the affirmative,

The result was the Dooky Boody (Remix), which saw Matt dip his toe into the world of ghetto house. They featured minimalist arrangements that were driven by the Roland  808 and 909 drum machines and sometimes included sexually explicit lyrics. 

Dooky Boody was released by Dean Records in 1995, and featured the Dooky Boody (Remix), which saw one of the pioneers of Chicago continue to reinvent himself. 


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