Maxmillion-Break My Stride (Late Night Mix)

In 1994, Chicago-based producers 20 Fingers began work on  a new project under the moniker Max-A-Million. Later in then summer of 1994,  Max-A-Million. made their debut later their debut single Fatboy which was released on SOS Records. This was just the  start  for Max-A-Million.

Over the next three years, Max-A-Million released a string of singles including a funky take on the S.O.S. Band’s 1980 hit Take Your Time (Do It Right in 1995. The single lent its  name to Max-A-Million’s 1995 debut album Take Your Time (Do It Right. 

Max-A-Million also covered Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing in 1995, and released  the single Everybody’s Groovin’. However, in 1997 Max-A-Million released a cover of Matthew Wilder’s Break My Stride, where some top DJs remixed the track.

This included Chicago-based Matt Warren who was responsible for the Break My Stride (Late Night Mix). It featured on the Break My Stride single, which was released on Baby-O-Records in 1996. The single was described as Hi-NRG and hip house, and was quite different from much of Matt Warren’s earlier work. However, twenty-two years after releasing his debut single, the DJ, producer and remixer was continuing to break new ground. Proof of that is his Break My Stride (Late Night Mix).

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