Master Plan-Electric Baile (Large Dub)

For the past thirty years, many rock and pop journalists have looked down on those working within dance music. The basic premise of their argument is, that it doesn’t taken much in the way of talent to program drums or use samplers effectively. Especially with a highly trained engineer holding the house music producer’s hand, and reminding them of the importance of basic things like headroom. Despite their lack of knowledge and often talent, many house producers are happy to bask greedily and selfishly in the reflected  glow of the real talent, the vocalist. 

One of the most talented vocalists in Chicago was Pepper Gomez, the voice behind Master Plan and many other singles. One of her finest moments was on Electric Baile where she delivers a vocal masterclass. 

Pepper Gomez had written the lyrics and with the rest of Master Plan, who co-produced the three tracks on Electric Baile with Matt Warren. He joined forces with Mario Diaz, Michaelangelo and Tom Hanson and mixed Electric Baile (Commercial Mix), Electric Baile (Small Dub) and Electric Baile (Large Dub). These tracks became one of Sunset Records biggest-selling singles.

When Electric Baile was released in 1986, it gave Master Pan another hit single that charted in the US Billboard charts. That was purely because of Pepper Gomez’s vocal which plays a starring role on Electric Baile.


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