M-Theory Featuring Tanya Beecham–Angels

By 1999, Matt Warren had been working as a producer and remixer for fifteen years, and in the lsat few years had worked on a variety of different projects. However, in 1999, Matt Warren and Mike Rogers launched a new project M-Theory featuring Tanya Beecham.

The new project’s debut was Angels, which  was recorded and mixed at M-Theory Studios Chicago, and later, five different remixes were produced. Matt was responsible for Angels (Matt’s Classic Vocal), Angels (Matt’s Karma Vocal) and Angels (Matt’s Karma Dub). They were joined by DJ Lego’s Angels (Lego’s Underground Dub) and Angels (Lego’s Main Vocal). These tracks became Angels  which was released later in 1999.

Angels was released on the US deep house label Fusion Records. Soon, Angels had found its way into the DJ boxes of many spinners in the Windy City, who regarded Angels (Matt’s Classic Vocal) andAngels (Matt’s Karma Vocal) as floor fillers.

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