USG-Ncameu (Main Vox)

In 1997, deep house act Urban Sound Gallery (USG) were preparing to record their new single Ncameu, which was written by Anthony Nicholson and Ron Trent. When the recording took place at Warzone Studios, Chicago, Matt Warren was engineering the sessions.  

This was something that Matt would do more of after the millennia. However, in 1997, Matt was still busy DJ-ing, writing, remixing and producing. Engineering was another string to his bow, and during the session four tracks were recorded Ncameu (Main Vox), Ncameu (Body and Soul Vox), Ncameu (Cocoinstra) and Ncameu (Sky, Rain and Earth Element).  These tracks later became USG’s new single.

Ncameu which was released on Clairaudience in 1997, and was the next chapter in USG and Matt Warren’s careers.


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