It’s My Birthday by Pepper Gomez

It’s been a great August and we’re finally hitting the 29th which is my birthday.  Birthdays should be awesome and usually bring up some memories of past birthdays.  For me, I almost always think about my 30th birthday in Chicago. My band, Master Plan’s,  “Pushin’ Too Hard” was still making its mark on the college radio circuits and “Electric Baile” just released was doing the same thing but in a much bigger way.  On my birthday, WCRX, Columbia College’s radio station played Master Plan all day and all night!  Basically, I just kept the radio tuned to WCRX and a few times each hour, I’d hear either “Pushin” or “Baile”.  And, to make it even greater, the DJs, both male and female students, kept wishing me a very Happy Birthday.  They surely made it happy one for me.  Not only was it great to hear the tunes throughout the day but people would call in and request that they play it again!  That part was hilarious.  At one point, I called in to say thanks as I like to be thankful and I was able to thank not only WCRX for the amazing support but I also thanked the City of Chicago for all the amazing music that was coming out of the beloved Windy City at that time.  Music for dancing, music for living – House Music.

Now 30 years later, I’m full circle running my record label, Wake Up! Music.  My greatest joy is working with the artists and letting them create and take risks because that is what art is to me.  You will never create great art by a formula or by limiting your creative processes.  Art is meant to evolve and express.  Art should make you feel.  As a dancer throughout my life, I feel that if I’ve created some music that makes people feel like moving or dancing, then I have done something good for the world.  I believe that if there were more people creating art, there’d be fewer people destroying the world and each other.  This is an especially awesome birthday for me because I just started Wake Up! Music’s publishing company called Pepper My Music.  (see logo)   I’m also so excited about the second disc coming out on Wake Up! Music, October 15, 2018, by Matt Warren.  Matt remains a legend from the original house days but now, he’s bringing Nu-House to the people and it is hot!  So I’m enjoying the party and hosting it at the same time and the coming months are going to be as unforgettable as my birthday was 30 years ago and is today!  Peace and love!  And, remember, it isn’t a party if you haven’t danced!


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