Matt Warren’s Nu-House Divas on “Music Is My Life”  (Part 1) by Maddy Gomez,

Part of Matt Warren’s success with House Music has been his ability to get the vocals front and center in the tunes he produces.  “Music Is My Life” is no different with Matt working with a collection of Divas who include; the soulful gospel singer, Janis McGee, the Flamenca from Spain, Elena Andujar, and his long time collaborator, Pepper Gomez.

Each Diva brings her flavor to the Matt Warren tracks which results in a particularly rich and sonically varied album set.

Janis McGee

Let me introduce you to Diva # 1, Ms. Janis McGee.  Janis McGee has been singing her whole life.  From her girlhood days, Janis would inspire the people of her father’s Baptist Church with her soulful renditions of the devotional music found in celebrations of worship.  She has inspired, encouraged and uplifted countless individuals as they seek to connect with the energies of the Spirit and all that is positive.  Janis has been friends with producer MyMy Lady G (aka Pepper Gomez) for many years.  Once Janis invited MyMy to a Sunday service.  MyMy remembers that the length of the service was hours long but most unforgettable was hearing Janis sing.  A mesmerizing experience complete with the presence of angels no doubt.  Though Janis had never formally recorded any of her singing in the studio, MyMy told Matt that Janis would be the ideal voice for Matt’s tune, “Get On Up”.  MyMy asked Janis if she would consider lending her voice to the project and Janis answered wholeheartedly yes.  Any singer will tell you that working in the studio is hard work – challenging and draining as it requires a lot of energy, emotion and stamina to sing for hours.  Janis laid down her tracks like a champ, on key, on cue and with that soulful House feeling that was exactly what MyMy and Matt wanted for that tune.  Matt’s mixing brought the tune to amazing heights and the team felt beyond pleased with the final result.  “Get On Up” will make you feel like dancing and lift you up if you’re feeling down and remind you to “Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative” – a favorite quote from our first Matt Warren Diva, Ms. Janis McGee!

Part 2  Elena Andujar

Diva #2 is the Sevilla-born Flamenca living in Madrid, Spain, Ms. Elena Andujar.  Elena’s arts bio is massive and started in her childhood when she was presented on stage to the public by the Flamenco legendary (Figura) singer, La Paquera.  Since those days, Elena has lived a life of cante (song) and baile (dance) as a professional artist.  Elena has toured the world singing and dancing with superstars including, Antonio Canales, Ketama, and Joaquin Cortes.  Her first self-titled CD was recorded in Milan and Madrid with great musicians such as pianist Walter Tesoriere and the flamenco singer, Dieguito “El Cigala”. 

 Elena’s second CD, “Flamenco In Time”, was recorded and produced in Chicago with none other than the man of the hour, Matt Warren with MyMy Lady G in co-production.  The release date of “Flamenco in Time” has been a mystery and under debate but according the Record Label, Wake Up! Music, officially came out at the end of 2017.  The disc has received the attention of the critics who have given it high praise in multiple reviews.  A first of its kind Flamenco-House fusion, “Flamenco In Time” blazed a new genre and created a sound that was made for dancing.  Film and Music Critic, Karen Benardello says, “ ‘Flamenco in Time’ is an enthralling seven-track record that’s captivatingly fueled by several unique remixes that were crafted by MyMy Lady G and fellow producer, Matt Warren.”  

Elena sings “La Rosa” on Matt Warren’s disc, “Music Is My Life.”  This tune continues to add the Flamenco sound that embodies Elena’s singing and is perfect for dancing and getting you through the day.  A Latin framed Nu-House tune co-composed with Matt Warren, Elena and Matt continue to create and compose new and passionate music.

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