Matt Warren’s Nu-House Divas on “Music Is My Life”  (Part 2) by Maddy Gomez,

Diva # 3 – Pepper Gomez  

Who is Pepper Gomez?  No one really knows.  She and Matt go back a few decades from their days of early house and collaboration on tunes including, “Electric Baile” (Master Plan), “Way to My Heart” (Matt Warren), “Fusion Dance” (Mario “Smokin” Diaz), “Face the Music” (Tony Boom Boom Badea)  and “Shake It” (Michaelangelo).  They have experienced the joy of seeing their tracks, “Electric Baile” and “Way To My Heart” on the Billboard Dance Charts.  While Matt has used other vocalists in the past, these two just seem to get back together because their song writing team efforts keep the tunes coming.  Matt loves to write the music and Pepper loves to write the lyrics and vocal melodies and backgrounds.  A match made by the Gods of House?  Undoubtedly. More like, for sure. Pepper Gomez, features heavily on Matt’s new disc, “Music Is My Life” and she enjoyed every minute of the recording process and song writing.  Well, maybe not every minute but most of it!  Singing is hard work!  Don’t expect Pepper to sound exactly the same way twice on different tunes.  She believes that each tune deserves its own sound.  With Matt’s support, she continues to sing it and bring it – Nu-House all the way.

Diva # 4 

Well, our last but definitely not least, our fourth Diva is Matt Warren himself.  Yes, Matt raps and sings.  You can hear him singing away at the end of “Way To My Heart” on his disc, “Music Is My Life.”  What is especially great about Matt is that he is constantly inventing little vocal sounds.  For example, listen to the beginning of “Get On Up” – that intro vocal is so cool and it is all Matt.  Matt is a powerhouse in the studio, a beast behind the boards, a talented recording and mixing engineer, a song writer and yes, Matt also sings.  This makes Matt himself one of his own Divas!  Matt please keep singing it, rapping  it, creating those ear catching sound creations it!  We love it, Matt – as we know you’ll make it cool and new – new as in Nu-House.  When he says, “Music Is His Life” – he’s not lying and he includes singing and rapping in that.

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