Matt Warren ‘Music Is My Life’ Album Review By Jessica Golich.

Chicago Musical Mastermind and Veteran, Matt Warren, is back to revive the world’s senses with nothing short of musical decadence throughout the upcoming release of his full-length album, ‘Music Is My life’. Having the abilities to seamlessly blend instrumental and lyrically intellectual potency into a whirlwind of Nu-Dance/House bliss, gear up to dive into the abyss of ‘Music Is My Life’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “How Do I Love Thee”, pleasingly outlandish beats lead listeners into the desire to traverse through terrains previously unexplored over lyrical sensuality that is abounding with confidence, grounded perception and romantic assurance. Beginning through the lens of the echoing of Matt’s name, Mr. Warren and team take listeners down pleasure lane over musings that were curated from an unguarded space. Experimenting with his extensive abilities while tying in the horns to enhance the level of maturity that this track represents, everything that Matt’s inner space begets is laced into “How Do I Love Thee”.

The second track, “The Way To My Heart”, eases the restlessness in lovers’ bones through beginning with a soft sizzle that incorporates elements of Groove as feminine vocals laced with lyrical seduction ignites the core of listeners with striking vibrancy. Translating the fairy-tale desire of love through striking drums that stroll listeners down a road of charm, Matt Warren is smooth with his genre-bending groove. Whether it is the horns that ooze with mind-melding soul or the heart-centered words, Matt Warren has a cunning way of being able to reassure his lover that he is in it for the long run through his music.

“Catch Me If You Can (Main Mix)” is the third track that trickles down the spine of listeners with elements of Electronic and Jazz while soul medicine in the form of lyrics serve as an entheogen for those who are in tune with their boundless ability to extend love throughout their one precious life. Tossing vibrant horns, electronic beats, guitar and drums into a mixing bowl to create a home-cooked musical meal that is abounding with flare, “Catch Me If You Can (Main Mix)” makes the soul spark. Chasing down a wild soul that is challenging to control, Matt Warren lyrically has his eye on a lustful creature which creates a flirty narrative that is bound to dance on the tongues of listeners.

The fourth track, “Catch Me If You Can (Disco Mix)”, instantly creates a nostalgic feeling that leads listeners into the belief that they’ve entered a time-machine jet-setting them to the past to freely dance and swing away within the liberated days of Soul Train. Over a riveting blast of drums and the seamless blend of Disco, Classic Funk and Soul, Matt Warren tunes into his old soul throughout the Disco mix. If you’re looking to put back on those bell bottoms for a night of shaking it on the town, this is the track to get down to and will put you in the mood to move.

“Get On Up” is the fifth track that unearths gardens in the chest in a New York minute as pulsating beats vibrate into the heart and lead listeners straight to the dance floor to set their minds free, let go and simply be. “Get On Up” is infectious through opulent production that engulfs listeners into a relaxed and centered space that is welcoming to all walks of life. Pulsating with an inner-city beat that trickles with the golden age of House, Matt Warren arouses listeners with rhythm and an inspirational lyrical theme that simply feels good.

The sixth track, “Going Deeper”, takes listeners into a scorching hot room that is attuned with elements of Trance serving to induce lasciviousness while the simplicity of repetitive lyricism drives the release of the mind. Beginning with a mixture of instrumentals that lead into the uprising of emotion, Matt Warren manifests and molds what he feels inside and leaves a tingling in listeners spine. “Going Deeper” makes the ego porous and fosters a sensual warmness that is pleasing to the sensory experience that the track creates.

“Musica Es Mi Vida” is the seventh track that begins with an instrumental feeling similar to a track by Culture Club and swiftly moves into a Spanish devotion to music which is the highest source of unity that touches human beings on the deepest abstruse and inmost levels. Creating a cultural connection and meshing Mexican instrumental flair with Dance, Matt Warren bursts with spontaneity throughout “Musica Es Mi Vida” while steadily intensifying the instrumental impact and influencing a deeper sense of community.

The eighth track, “Bang The Box”, instantly entrances and travels back to the days when the focus was set on creating the impeccably rich healing benefits of music and the power of resonance to pleasingly affect our physical jumpsuits and minds. Erupting with euphoria and zinging through the air with jolts of Electronic beats, Matt Warren creates a synergy between human and machine and subconsciously influences listeners to expand beyond their known. As the directness in approach showcases intent, Matt throws a surprise twist of Trip-Top into the mix at the end of the track that adds a weightless air that is pleasing to the mind.

“La Rosa” is the ninth track that fuses elements of Latino instrumental heat carrying the inclination to shed light on coexistence with lingual dexterity as listeners tune in to a spark of divinity. Beginning with the feeling of a high-energy Salsa track, “La Rosa” fits seamlessly into the world of Experimental Dance as the collision of a feminine vocal force and bold instrumentals energize the body and emit a danceable groove. In our modern-day, creating an album from a space of inclusivity through incorporating multilingual prowess speaks of the worldly-wise mind that Matt Warren has developed over time.

The tenth track, “Sometimes”, meshes with the modern-day while incorporating pieces of Hip-Hop’s and EDM’s puzzle and Matt’s Chicago roots over lyrical lust that craves the blood and bones of a human soul. Through possessing the ability to either ignite the flame within an intimate setting or get people to rush to the dance floor in a darkened, opaque club, “Sometimes” wanders through murky waters to create the feeling of a hunter out for prey. Matt Warren has created an instrumental body of work that is the crossover album highlight that ignites a natural high through tuning into a wilder side.

Closing out with “The Dark Storm”, the multi-faceted talents of Matt Warren are showcased over a haunting piano that serves as a cathartic release of love. Throughout a piece of contemporary instrumental bliss, musical curiosity subconsciously ignites within listeners as the delicacy of the pianos touch stirs a rush within and translates feelings of passion, elegance and homage to the art of classical music. Leaving listeners immersed within a state of serenity, Matt Warren is an ardent musician who is constantly transforming his vision.

There is a palpable richness of soul and compassionate heartfelt connection that tugs at the spirits of listeners throughout ‘Music Is My Life’. The multi-instrumentalist, producer, artist and iconoclast that is Matt Warren has a gift to utilize music as his most faithful mirror of reflection. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Culture Club, Thievery Corporation and Orbital, then keep an ride out for the ride ahead and October 15th, 2018 release of ‘Music Is My Life’ on streaming platforms worldwide.

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