The Video Producers of Music Is My Life by Maddy Gomez

Nowadays, it is simply not enough to make good music.  People want and expect to see the video images, music videos or YouTube’s that go along with your music.  This expectation is so routine, that YouTube is a modern day venue for listening to music.  There is no doubt that a good music video can bring the music to life by adding imagery to the song, visually bringing the lyrics to life or through the use of rhythmic images which dance along with the music.

Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life is an 11 song album.  While each song is Nu-House, each song is also its own world which requires its own music video.  At the time of this writing, 7 music videos have been completed.  Until the release date of October 15, 2018, only mini-clips are posted to Youtube or Facebook.  The grand finale approaches as the full music videos will be posted on October 15.  

The most popular clips have been:

  1. Bang the Box
  2. Sometimes
  3. Catch Me
  4. La Rosa
  5. Musica Es Mi Vida

Today, Deeper was completed by Marcus Mixx and was posted on Facebook.  Marcus is one of the Wake Up! Music’s four videographers responsible for the creation of the music videos.  The other three are Pedro Bernal of Produce Ideas?, Amy Cooper of Acronym, and Larry Marvar of Marvar Media.  Each videographer has his/her own style.

Marcus Mixx’s style is always sexy.  He loves images of beautiful women, visually appealing representations of all things hot and a fiery approach that will always include movement or dancing including our fitness model and top pole instructor/dancer, Evette Salinas of Evette’s Dance Fitness Club.  Never boring, Marcus Mixx has contributed several videos for Music Is My Life.   Perhaps Marcus’ boldest piece was that of Es Asi /What It Is which he actually produced for the first Wake Up! Music project, Elena Andujar’s Flamenco In Time, where he artistically tackled the issue of domestic violence through his interpretation of Pepper Gomez’ lyrics about a woman who loves her man but ultimately he mistreats and that pattern continually lets her down.  This calls into question what is love?  It is hard to imagine that some acts of violence against women and also children are legal in some countries and in the United States it is still legal to hit a child.  

Amy Cooper will be coordinating the video shoot for the single, “Get On Up” featuring vocalist, Janis McGee, on October 7, 2018.  This shoot will be using an old school approach in a classic underground Chicago nightclub where people can go to have a good time, forget about their troubles and simply dance.  With both Matt Warren spinning in this video as well as our beautiful female DJ (where are all the female DJs?  – Well here is one!) Sara Gossett, this video is sure to capture the spirit of Nu-House, dancing and of course, the City of Chicago.

Pedro Bernal is yet another master craftsman on the Wake Up! Music Team of video creativity.  Pedro is one of Spain’s top film artists and has his own unique style which has proven to be very popular and very appealing to the eye.  Through  Pedro’s filming, we see the movement of life, the feeling that is music and the visual treat of the sights of Sevilla, Spain, which is where Pedro is located.  Always full of a stream of imagery, Pedro’s videos move with the music and make people feel not only like watching and moving but also make people feel the music.  

Larry Marvar is Wake Up! Music’s fourth videographer and the owner of Marvar Media.  Larry shot the Sometimes video with champion pole athlete, Ashley De La Vega.  This video   was co- directed by MyMy Lady G,  a woman for a woman, Ashley De La Vega.  This music video is hot and shows the off strength and beauty of the artistry that is pole and that is Ashley De La Vega.  It is very hard to take your eyes off Ashley as she spins, extends and moves to the Nu-House with strong EDM flavor of the song Sometimes.  

Wake Up! Music is proud to work with such gifted and yet very stylistically individual music video producers. You couldn’t ask for a better team!

Each video adds to the options to connect with Matt’s music and become part of the Nu-House movement for dance.  Wake Up! Music will look forward to the music video competitions because these works clearly are unique, creative and award-winning.

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