The Youngblood of Wake Up! Music and Matt Warren’s Record–“Music Is My Life” by Maddy Gomez

Well, we’re down to 17 days before the official release of Matt Warren’s Nu-House disc, “Music Is My Life.”  Things are moving and yet, it is good to reflect on some of the principles that are part of this genre setting record.  One thing we love to do at Wake Up! Music is support artists!  We love for our artists to be able to create and feel that freedom to create that comes from being a Wake Up! Music artist.  When we have the chance to support new, up and coming artists, we are especially thrilled.  We know the challenges of the world of the arts and love encouraging new artists and when the artists are young people, we feel especially honored to be the honor guards of these gifted youth. 

Matt Warren has been especially generous to include two young musicians on the “Music Is My Life” album.  Sharkeyes is a 24 year old composer who is truly remarkable and producing sounds that are fresh and clearly all his own.  Trained as percussionist as well as a keyboard player, Sharkeyes grew up in a home that not only had many instruments but also, was filled with the sounds of his sitar playing mama.  With a whole room needed to house the various ethnic drums, his own drum kit, ukuleles, harmonicas, recorders, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, and a foosball table, Sharkeyes played with instruments in the way that others played with toys.  His mama was a stickler for a well-rounded yet classical education and insisted that he and his brother must study an instrument and learn the language of music which included reading and writing musical notes.  Sharkeyes picked drums while his brother, known as the rapper Baby Tac, chose guitar. The EDM framed Nu-House song “Sometimes” on Matt Warren’s record is Sharkeyes first published composition.  We are extremely proud of the excellent reviews on “Sometimes” as we present Sharkeyes to the artistic world and look forward to his continued beats and fresh new music to which Wake Up! Music is dedicated.

Our second young composer is 12 year old, Richard Meyer, Jr. affectionately known to Pepper and the Wake Up! Music crew as Ricky.  His composition “The Dark Storm” brings Matt Warren’s disc to a close as the last song.  Ricky has grown up in a musical family as well and his father just happens to be Matt Warren himself.  Ricky composed and recorded the tune with Matt engineering in their own studio, Sound Solution.  Prodigiously talented surely describes Ricky.  Passionate about music, Ricky has been taking piano lessons for just 2 and ½ years.  He plays percussion in his school band and enjoys performing and sharing his creativity with others.  He has been composing music for a year and ½.  The results are nothing short of spectacular as “The Dark Storm” is garnering amazing comments from the music critics.  Ricky also is talented in the area of photography and videography.  Pepper Gomez adores him. He is smart, cute and an excellent conversationalist. Off to an amazing start, Wake Up! Music and no doubt his family will always support Ricky’s artistic creativity as he continues to grow and develop.

Our last youngblood is Frankie Wolfe.  A 13 year old middle schooler, tall and beautiful, Frankie looks like she should be a fashion model.  While she could be walking down the runways, her love is photography.  We are delighted to have worked with Frankie and her art which is currently in production for the music video for Matt Warren’s tune, “The Way To My Heart.”  A real dog lover, when Frankie is not out snapping pictures, she can be found enjoying the beaches, music and her friends.  She loves New York City (yes, we all love NYC and Chicago, of course) and in keeping with Wake up! Music’s love of all things dance, is an accomplished ballet and modern dancer who has appeared in many performances.  Thank you, Frankie!  Your contributions keep the new art coming and the Nu-House jamming!

So there you have it.  Three Wake Up! Music youngbloods keeping the arts creative and bringing it all to the Nu-House genre of Matt Warren’s album, “Music Is My Life.”  At Wake Up! Music, we never forget youth are the future of the arts.  We applaud youth and love working with you!  We should all get so lucky!


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