Matt Warren-Music Is My Life-History Is Made-The Birth Of Nu-House.

Words like pioneer and innovative are oft-overused by over=-enthusiastic music critics . However, once in a while an album is released by a pioneering musician that features truly innovative music. That is the case with Matt Warren’s new album Music Is My Life which will be released by Chicago and Miami based Wake Up! Music on the ‘19th’ of October 2018, with the UK and European release following on the ‘15th’ of February 2019. 

Music Is My Life features the first new music that DJ and producer Matt Warren has released in over ten years, and as befitting one of the pioneers of Chicago House, is a  landmark album in the history of dance music. Matt Warren is about to mark his return with Music Is My Life as the first ever Nu-House album, which is about to transform dance music. 

Music Is My Life features eleven tracks, and opens with the sultry rework of How Do I Love Thee.  It’s  a surefire floor-filler featuring a vocal tour de force from legendary house diva Pepper Gomez. She plays a starring role on Music Is My Life and returns on a triumvirate of anthemic tracks. Pepper Gomez adds a coquettish vocal on Catch Me If  You Can and a sultry sounding vocal on the remake of The Way To My Heart. Pepper Gomez then steals the show on the anthem Sometimes, with her sensuous sounding vocal. However, this is just part of the story of Music Is My Life.

There’s also a remake of the Chicago House classic Bang The Box, the Matt Warren composition Going Deeper and Musica Es Mi Vida which features the welcome return of Pepper Gomez. She stars on the stomping disco-tinged remix of Catch Me If You Can, which is sure to become a favourite of DJs and dancers everywhere.

The same could be said of La Rosa, which is a captivating fusion of Latin house and flamenco. Then on the hook-laden earworm  Get On Up which is currently enjoying radio play in America, soulful diva and Janis McGee makes her recording debut and leaves a lasting impression. 

So does the ruminative and brooding The Dark Storm, which was written and performed by he prodigiously talented Richard Meyer Jr, who is Matt Warren’s twelve year old son. This thoughtful sounding track brings Music Is My Life to a close after a dance filled ride on the sounds of the other tracks.

Music Is My Life is a landmark album that is about to  become part of house music’s history. This is nothing new for Matt Warren who released his debut single in 1984, and over the next few years, made history as one the pioneers of Chicago House made history. 

Now Matt Warren and the multitalented group of musicians and vocalists who recorded Music Is My Life are about to make history all over again. Fittingly, Music Is My Life was recorded in Chicago, where it all began for him in 1985.

Now thirty-three years later, Matt Warren is about to release the future dance classic and the first ever Nu-House album, Music Is My Life. Stylistically it’s a much slicker and more polished album, where  Matt Warren and his all-star cast combined elements of disco, funk, Latin and soul as they rewrote musical history. In doing so, they create a groundbreaking release, Music Is My Life, which is  the first Nu-House album, and a landmark event in dance music history. 

Matt Warren-Music Is My Life-History Is Made-The Birth Of Nu-House.


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