Countdown To The Release of Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life by Maddy Gomez

Well in little more than 24 hours depending on what part of the world you’re in, Matt Warren’s “Music Is My Life” will be officially released.  As with any creation of art, this project has been a trip from start to finish.  Had someone predicted to me even a few years ago that I would be running a record label and co-producing a record with THE Matt Warren, I probably never would have believed them.  But, here we are and here we come.

What will I remember most about this project?  Well, so many things really…  Working with Matt is always such a joy.  The guy is perpetually in a good mood and ever patient.  Whether he is recording or engineering for the artists, his vibe is as beautiful as his studio.  You simply have to feel good there and only good art can come out from that.  For this and so much more, Matt Warren you are the consummate professional and I look forward to your continued creations as Music Truly Is Your Life!

I’ve renewed and made so many friends in the music industry during the course of this recording.  I was surprised at how many people still remembered Pepper Gomez and my vocals.  The new friends will always also be especially meaningful to me.  We love our youngblood at Wake Up! Music and this is demonstrated by those who are on our team, those who appear in our videos and also by Matt’s generosity in encouraging and supporting the Nu Music of the young artists featured on “Music Is My Life”, namely Richard Meyer, Jr. and Sharkeyes.  Their contributions make a special album all the more so and we thank them for the courage to share their art because it does require courage to bare your soul and share your art with the world.

Working with the Divas was a blast.  Janis McGee in the recording studio is not to be missed and created a masterpiece on her first time in the recording studio.  Elena Andujar has been recording in the past and I take pride in saying I know how to get the greatest vocals out of already a great singer.

Mostly importantly, I will never forget this music.  I listen to it basically everyday and will never find it played out.  I eat, drink and sweat this stuff.  It is fresh, it is new, it is current – It Is Nu-House and it is exactly what we need.  It is inspired, energizing and uplifting.  In the final launch and in future retrospect, our main hope is to get you dancing.  As a dancer, I will always love dance music.  Dance is movement and movement is life.  Everybody dances – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  So —  Enjoy – dance and long live Chicago and Nu-House.

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