Matt Warren’s Music is My Life – Released on October 19, 2018-10-22 by Maddy Gomez

We did it!  The countdown we’ve been keeping on this blog is finally over and Matt Warren’s “Music Is My Life” is officially out and live under the Wake Up! Music Record Label.  Getting to this date has been massive but now the real work and fun begin.  The disc can be found on every major digital outlet and as is the CD which includes an incredible 28 page booklet on the history of House Music written by the internationally known and esteemed UK music reviewer, Derek Anderson.  The booklet has lots of cool pictures, song lyrics and info that Derek wrote on all the players, too.  And, vinyl is expected any day now.  These are things that digital downloads don’t quite capture but hey, there’s room for all formats in this world as long as you can keep enjoying the Nu-House!

For whatever reason, I chose to get inked on release day at Miami Tattoo Co in beautiful Miami Beach with Jean Alvarez, a multi-award winning tattoo artist and truly a special human being on this planet.  Every tattoo tells a story and this one will be no different as it will tell the story of the heart and soul we have put into this release.  I felt extra thrilled as Jean Alvarez was working his tattoo magic on me as the Miami Tattoo Co played “Music Is My Life” in its entirety not once but twice.  It was fun to watch the people bopping along to the music and one person even said to another, “Hey, this is exactly the type of music that you like to play.”  The whole experience including the incredible art that is now forever a part of me made battling the Miami traffic seem like a minor trade-off for what ended up being an unforgettable day.  By the way, check out Miami Tattoo Co’s anti-trafficking work.  Great and needed!

So where to next with my new tattoo?  In reality, we are going to keep this fantastic disc rolling. Our promo team of Stevie B of Mia Mind Music and James Moore of Independent Music Promotions have been blowing me away with their excellence and keeping Matt busy with radio interviews and signing autographs as all of us at Wake Up! Music watch the amazing reviews, songs charting and listen to radio airplay.  We will continue pumping our first single, “Get On Up” featuring Janis McGee and then move to our second single, “How Do I Love Thee” – a Queen Latifah remake Nu House style.  Everyone who hears “Get on Up”, talks about just how uplifting and positive it feels.  And, what?  No curse words?  Nope, not a one.  (Not that as a poet do I  have any issues with words if that’s what you need to express yourself…) Just a great beat and invitation to “Get On Up” and dance.  Life can be rough according to the lyrics but never forget, we want to lift you up to the rhythm of the sound and Nu House.  These are Pepper Gomez lyrics and a shout out to any one who may feel that life is not worth living.  At any given moment, almost anyone can feel any way that is human but remember, all things change.  The next moment may have you loving life again, especially through music which connects us all.   As “Musica Es Mi Vida” reminds us, music is life.  As Alejandro Vega reminds us, music is our mother tongue.  Never forget it.  

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