Bunkerheadz-Netherlands Renowned Music Expert Reviews His Sneak Peek by Maddy Gomez.

I’m really so excited to report on our second international review.  The first of course was from the UK’s dereksmusicblog.com .  The second is from the Netherlands.  From that country hails Bunkerheadz, someone whose music knowledge, passion and taste is something that I value to the utmost.  He hears a lot of music.  So I thought what better person to give a listen to Matt’s Warren’s Music Is My Life than Bunkerheadz as we head (LOL) towards our UK/EU release in February of 2019.

The guy is BUSY.  But, that is fine as I had no doubt he’d give it a “proper listen” as they say overseas.  And, listen he did.  At Wake Up! Music, we so value the opinions of our European cousins!   Here’s what he found:

As promised and after a few good listens I can say this album rocks ma’am!

Personal favs are:

Bang The Box = simply cause I’m an Acid head

Get On Up = Groovy and funky dancefloor destroyer, killer bassline bizz!

Sometimes = Downtempo subsonic Latino Digi Dancehall Dubz

The Dark Storm = cuz we dont need always a pounding beat to feel the musical emotions

Catch Me If You Can (Disco Mix) = Luv the added Flutes and I have a weak spot for horns in House tracks!

Thank you, Bunkerheadz!  Keep ‘em spinning and we’ll keep ‘em coming!  Peace and love!

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