Sharkeyes and Baby Tac-The E.T. Boys by Maddy Gomez

Here’s what the critics have said about, “Sometimes” Sharkeye’s first published composition on Matt Warren’s disc, “Music Is My Life.”

“Sometimes manages to change it up with an interesting rhythm with rock and hip-hop connotations that make it one of the most interesting and intelligent pieces on the record.”  (Vinyl Chapters, Jaime Parameter)

Bunkerheadz, music expert from the Netherlands reports that “Sometimes” is one of his personal favorites – “Sometimes = Downtempo Subsonic Latino Digi Dancehall Dubz.”

Gali Brock from Hub says, Matt Warren “also shines with his collaboration with Sharkeyes on “Sometimes”. It‘s Nu-House set in an EDM frame with vocals by Pepper Gomez. It is not unlike the sonically inspired tracks one could have heard flowing out of the Kingston sound system culture back in the 1970’s.”

From Derek’s Music Blog, “Pepper Gomez then steals the show on the anthem Sometimes, with her sensuous sounding vocal.”

Incredible accolades on Sharkeyes’ first published composition!  Of course, we are always interested in what creations will follow.  At Wake Up! Music, we are in major support of New or Nu Music from any of our artists.  We were privileged to hear Sharkeye’s newest composition in progress which has an eerie and captivating Halloween feel.  Like all Sharkeyes compositions, it sounds fresh and unlike anything you’ve ever heard.  Great stuff no doubt.

Sharkeyes also continues to collaborate with Baby Tac. Together they are known as the E.T. Boys.   The feeling of Baby Tac’s vocals makes the perfect addition to the creativity of Sharkeyes music.  You can check them out on Soundcloud where they have nice numbers in terms of both views and tunes at: . Wake Up! Music’s  personal favorites – “I’ll Be Fine”  and “Lil Umpire (Only One)”.   And, as much as we at Wake Up! Music we love LONG songs, take a quick listen to their tune called, “Don’t Speak” which clocks in at 1:38.  It is also exciting to see the developing production styles on the vocals in “Yellow Starbursts”.  We love the great  comments by their fans.

Wake Up! Music Dream:  A solo disc with Sharkeyes and Baby Tac – the E.T. Boys From Broward County, FL.  Watch out for the them – the E.T. Boys!  (Lyric Advisory)

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