Happy Birthday Wake Up! Music-2018.  

Pepper Gomez sings, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Wake Up! —-Muuuuuuuussssiiiiiic!  Happy Birthday FIRST birthday to you!

As I tightened up this article, I was hit with the amazing news that Matt Warren’s single, “Get on Up” from “Music is My Life” is NUMBER ONE on the Digital Radio Indie Chart!  So, I’m sharing the amazing news and leading with thanks to my PR Team – James Moore of Independent Music Promotions, Stevie B of Mia Mind Music and Andrew Kitchen of AK TV and Film Productions without whom we simply would not be where we are now.  Thank you to James Moore for seeing the quality in our first disc with Elena Andujar and accepting to work with us. What an honor! James is simply tops in his field.  His amazing force resulted in pages of reviews and airplay!  We are so pleased that he agreed to be on the team again to support Matt’s record.  He is joined by Stevie B whose artist roster starts with Madonna. Yes, THE Madonna! Stevie B intimately knows the ropes of the music industry as well as the people.  These two are complemented by Andrew Kitchen who has clearly taken us higher with the television music video programs.

There is not doubt you can have the hottest tunes but a great PR team is needed to get you out there and known.  And, while the music listeners hold the ultimate power, in a sea of music I have no more delusions about making it off posting to Spotify than I do about winning the lottery!  MY Extreme thanks to this PR dream team – each with their own area of expertise and each of massive support to Wake Up! Music professionally as well as personally as they continue to share, educate and guide me!  We also welcome our newest addition to the PR Team!  Hailing from the UK – we are thrilled to be working with Pete Bassett and his team at Quite Great PR.  Off to an amazing start, Quite Great PR will be building upon the US results to make for a smashing UK/EU release.

With ALL that said, it is hard to imagine that Wake Up! Music (WUM)  is just 1-year-old.  The pace has been insane!  It was last November that WUM officially launched Elena Andujar’s disc, “Flamenco In Time”, which for the first time ever brought together the sounds of Flamenco and the sounds of House.  Elena’s disc was critically acclaimed and produced under the direction of Matt Warren and MyMy Lady G.  Congratulations to the Queen of Flamenco for continuing to create Nu Music with deep roots!

Wake Up! Music’s second release is Matt Warren’s, “Music Is My Life”!  Another amazing disc, this one is riding high on the DRT and NACC charts.  To add to the thrill of this birthday, the music video of the single “Get On Up” featuring Janis McGee and created by Acronym, is now on MTV and BET JAMS.   2019, which is sure to be a year of so much sweetness, will a kick off with “Get On Up” airing on VH1 New Year’s Day.  “Get On Up” has proven to be a solid first single release from this disc as prophesized by the Musical Guru and reviewer, Jessica “Goal” Golich.  An uplifting tune, if you listen closely, you will hear the encouragement for all  not only to get up, move, and dance but you should note loud and clear  that music can lift you up when you’re down – so Get On Up!  While the phrase, “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative” is so old that many young and even middle-aged fans may not have known its origins – Diva Janis McGee lives and sings this with an infectious positivity that will not be denied.  

Wake Up! Music has produced a staggering total of 28 music videos in the last year – under the illustrious team of Marcus Mixx Shannon who created the bulk of them, Larry Marvar, Acronym and Pedro Bernal.  Working with top dancers such as Evette of Evette’s Dance Fitness Club and Champion Pole Athlete, Ashley De La Vega, has distinguished our striving for excellence.  We have entered all our work in the Independent Music Awards competition including what are no doubt the best liner notes ever produced on the history of house by the internationally known music reviewer and musician, Derek Anderson.  Now forever a part of musical history, the booklet can be found in the physical copies of Matt Warren’s “Music Is My Life” CD and vinyl.  See what you miss when you only stream digital?

In the midst of all of this is the launch of DAM Gallus, our UK subsidiary under the direction of, Derek Anderson and the UK Team. Dam Gallus will specialize in bands from that region.  Maybe the next British invasion?   

We also look forward to the completion of our Flamenco Documentary, “Flamenco: Pasion En Peligro/Flamenco: Passion in Danger” under the direction of Larry Marvar and the release of the documentary’s companion disc.  With huge names such as Elena Andujar, Pedro Cortes, Peter Baime, Diego Amador, Antonio Andujar and Javier Concepcion, there is no doubt Wake Up! Music is keeping the music Nu and Coming!  

Wake Up! Music is dedicated to letting the artists create!  As based on MyMy’s business background as well as Pepper’s poet and House vocalist background, Wake Up! Music seeks to be the artists’ label and nothing less.  Great to see that new inquiries are coming in from artists who have heard “good things” about Wake Up! Music.  Thank you and keep them coming as we continue the search for our next artist!

Lastly, Wake Up! Music is especially proud of our Youth Arts Initiative Program (YASI).  Our budding stars including, Richard Meyer, Jr, Sharkeyes, Izzy D, Frankie Wolfe and J Rock are our future as they lend so much of what is NU to all that is created at Wake Up! Music.  Thanks to each one of them for the best inspiration and all of their contributions to making this a most special year!

As we like to say at Wake Up! Music, we are crushing and gushing but only thanks to you and the music which brings us together, lifts us up, expresses our innermost feelings and keeps us feeling like each day is worth living to the max.  We’ve made so many friends and couldn’t be happier!

For this and so much more, thank you.  Peace and love y’all – as always!


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