Matt Warren-The Way To My Heart: What’s Your Favourite?

Back in 1986, Mat Warren recorded and released The Way To My Heart on Sunset Records. The Way To My Heart which features legendary Chicago house diva Pepper Gomez who wrote the lyrics to this classic.

Despite being regarded as a classic, Matt Warren decided to remake The Way To My Heart when he signed to Wake Up! Music and began work on his comeback album Music is My Life. It was released by Wake Up! Music on the ‘19th’ October 2018 and featured a brand new remake of The Way To My Heart. 

Just like the original, the remake of The Way To My Heart was featured Pepper Gomez who co-produced the Music Is My Life with Matt Warren using her MyMy Lady G moniker. One of the album’s highlights is the anthemic sounding The Way To My Heart, which features a very special video.

The video to The Way To My Heart was produced by Marcus Mixx Shannon and features the incredible visual arts of thirteen year old Frankie Wolfe. She’s a member of Wake Up! Music’s Youth Arts Support Initiative (YASI) which is dedicated to Nu, You and Youth and has a bright future ahead of her.

Speaking of Nu, what’s your favourite version of The Way To My Heart? is it the old or Nu? 

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