The Birth Of The Disc That Gave Birth To Nu-House by Maddy Gomez.

It had been a long time since I had seen Matt Warren. Our friendship and connection predated the current instant times of connectivity and social media where you can stay in touch and find people and even see what they’re eating. I’m grateful for these new abilities as without them the birth of Matt Warren’s Music is My Life and the Nu-House era might have never been.

Matt and I go back to the days when Chicago House was just emerging. Matt has somehow always managed to do it all – compose, play, vocals, produce, mix, engineer and run a few record labels. It was a thrill to be signed to Sunset Records which he was running in the mid 80s. Our recordings from back then were hugely popular and two charted on Billboard (Electric Baile by Master Plan and Way To My Heart by Matt Warren – both cowritten by me and featuring my lyrics and vocals).  Matt remains simply the utmost in positivity when he is producing and that made it easy for me to sing. 

So you can imagine how lucky and happy I felt when I reconnected with him as I was launching the record label, Wake Up! Music. I told him I wanted to focus on endangered music – though in my mind, truly great and unique music is always in danger. I explained that I wanted to focus on flamenco, an art that runs deep in my soul and also a genre where so many of the greats are simply no longer alive. I discussed that to put out a traditional disc would simply get lost in the sea of music and my thought was to blend something that had never been done before:  Flamenco with House. Matt of course was intrigued and lent full support and expertise as we recorded Elena Andujar’s Flamenco House fusion disc, Flamenco in Time. Elena was ideal artist as she has always push the boundaries of Flamenco and In her art as based on her rich background.  Probably still ahead of its time, the record caught the ear of many critics and reviewers who have hailed Elena’s voice, the unique sound and dance vibe of the production.

Matt and I just seemed to fall back into our old groove in the studio. As we were working on Flamenco In Time, I mentioned wasn’t a time that he put out a record again?  Lo and behold,  (I love the phrase lo and behold) Matt said he had been working on some tunes. This led to not only him sending me the tunes so that I could add my vocal ideas and lyrics but also brought him to becoming the second artist signed to my new label, Wake Up! Music. Something very magical happens when Matt and I work together on Music. The result can be heard in his record, Music Is My Life. By definition and as some of the originators of the house sound including the Latin house sound, Matt and I are House Music.  But this disc can no longer be defined as classic house. Instead Matt has created the Nu-House sound.  With all the elements that we love about House music but with live instruments and musicians who actually jam and a vocal production that causes the ear to listen, the Nu-House sound makes you wanna move.  It makes you want to hum along and helps you get through your day.

In this case the proof is in the House pudding or should I say Nu-House pudding or if you like cake, which I do, let’s eat cake.  The US release on October 19, 2018 of Music Is My Life has been well received by the critics and continues to spin and chart on the radio.  As remarkable is the lead single Get On Up achieving number one status on Digital Radio Tracker Indie Charts, while  Music Is My Life has also topped the varied genre charts of Hip Hop, Electronic, Latin and Chill. 

We are extremely excited about our UK and EU release of Music Is My Life on February 15, 2019. As based on the early radio play and feedback from the press as well as interviews, it seems that the UK and EU is as excited as we are about Matt Warren’s forthcoming artist album Music Is My Life, and. the groundbreaking Nu-House sound.

I invite people all over the globe to sit down and take a listen to the Nu-House sound and then Get On Up and dance with me!  Nu-House is here to stay. Welcome!

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