Review of Music Is My Life September 13, 2018 by MY NGUYEN

Matt Warren returns to the house scene with breakthrough album, ‘Music Is My Life.

Chicago house music pioneer Matt Warren has been transforming the music industry for around forty years.  He lends his music expertise engineering and producing music for a variety of artists leading him to become a Platinum-award winning producer.

Since 1984, Warren has been producing many a hit.  It all started with his debut single, “Rock The Nation,” that inspired him to co-found Sunset Records in 1985.  However, he resigned from Sunset Records in 1987 and founded AKA Dance Music instead.

The first single to be released from AKA Dance Music was “Bang The Box,” which sold over 50,000 copies in America, and nowadays is considered the first hard house track.  AKA Dance Music became a part of house history after releasing 7 hit singles after “Bang The Box.”

After the demise of AKA Dance Music, Warren continued to produce and collaborate with a variety of artists on remixes that would go on to revolutionize the genre.

His own career was put on hold as he produced, engineered and remixed for others.

In 2016, he was asked by Pepper Gomez if he would like to work on an album together.

Warren agreed to the collaboration, which confirmed his long-awaited comeback trail.  Joining him on his brand-new album are gospel singer and diva, Jan McGee, flamenco artist Elena Andujar and legendary house diva Pepper Gomez.

Warren returns to the house scene with this breakthrough record that is the first ever Nu House album.  Music Is My Life promises to be groundbreaking with mixes that blend in organic instrumentation with electronic beats.

The album opens up with a chill house beat that has fun-loving and invigorating rhythms.  The cadence of horns adds to the overall energized vibe.  Filled with a sizzling backbeat, the vocals are executed in a spoken word like approach.  The percussions add a dynamic pulse to the stirring song.  The amped feel and up-keyed vibe have some Latin influences coming from the crowd-pleasing horns.  The vibe is overall catchy with an upbeat appeal.  There are vibrant sounds coming from the exuberant electronic beats and horns.

“The Way To My Heart” has reverberating electronic beats that give off a sultry air.  Soaring synths go on to pave the way to the upbeat appeal on this track.  The horns harness an amped feel to the song.  The smooth flavors include combined vocal harmonies that add a silken layer to this great catchy cadence.  There is a great exciting beat evident to the pulsating EDM feel.  This decadent production has vocals that oscillate in and out of the song.

“Catch Me If You Can (Main Mix)” has a great trance feel.  The horns worked into the song gives off an energized approach.  The up keyed feel and amped vibe has sizzling back layers.  The hot jam definitely has an enlivened mood.  The catchy and upbeat buoyant beats have a celebratory feel.  This track contains a soaring and atmospheric vibe with traces of Adult Contemporary that could be detected in this great electronic song.

“Catch If You Can (Disco Mix)” conjures up a more retro feel with this disco remix.  The horns give off a triumphant sound while invigorating layers of electronic beats and combined vocal harmonies harness an enthused feel.  The cadences on the flute offer up a more organic vibe to the overall electronic-based production.  The twang of guitars gives off a funky groove as the basslines offer up a strong pulsating rhythm.

“Get On Up” starts off to the sound of keys giving off a melodious vibe.  Waves of electronic beats surface with a tantalizing appeal.  With a great jaunty tune, the groovy sounds have a bit of funk evident on the track.  With a soaring electronic vibe, buoyant beats are added to the mix.  The feel-good appeal and electric feel are filled with a rhythms-heavy bassline and a great electronic approach.

“Going Deeper” starts out with some pizzazz coming from the percussions.  The fast drumming electronic backbeat is demanding and exhilarating.  The exciting cadence is exciting with an amped and energized feel.  The sound of the piano in the background adds a melodious layer to the song.  The keys also offer up an enthused feel, while the electronic beats comes in, in a cyclone of energy.  There is a great EDM feel this track filled with a happening upbeat and amped appeal.

“Musica Es Mi Vida” has some pulsating and energized rhythms on the bassline.  The song has some Latin-influences with the lyrics sung in Spanish.  The horns give an out-of-control and enthused feel.  In this pretty dynamic soundscape, the horns and the keys are intertwined together to give off a highly melodious quality.  The beat is rapid with the electronic backbeats drumming up for excitement.  The keys give off a jazzy and Adult Contemporary Radio appeal.

“Bang The Box” contains soaring back layers of synths and electronic beats.  The lyric are repetitive, repeating “bang the box” over and over again, which gives off a hypnotic feel.  The electronic beats are equally captivating, hypnotizing listeners with its decadent production.  The warbling and bleeping from the electronic beats contain an electrifying appeal.

“La Rosa” starts out with a mariachi vibe on the horns.  With great energized flair, the vocals are sung in Spanish.  The track has a great fiery Flamenco flavor mixed in with the electronic beats.  This elaborate production has a great unique sound.  There is a melodious cadence coming from the Spanish guitar.  The deft finger work on the Spanish guitar gives a real rustic and authentic sound.  The song has traces of funk in the groove towards the end of the mix.

“Sometimes” has a great R&B vibe on this track.  Filled with invigorating EDM beats and a fantastic club and dance feel, the combined vocal harmonies are barely audible, sung in a near whisper.  The track has an International appeal.

“The Dark Storm” starts out with a minimal arrangement with simply just the piano to jumpstart this song.  The piano tune is harmonious and greatly melodious.  The track has a melancholy vibe.  The piano melody is haunting with the piano tune articulating a stormy buildup.  The somber sounds has an electrifying and soaring cadence.  The simple and sparse sound is really attention-grabbing.  This song is a departure from the electronic-based cadence from earlier.  The great acoustic sound has a fantastic stripped-down appeal.  The track is moody yet enchanting with a bewitching quality.

Music Is My Life is deeply memorable with many a fun-loving and spirited anthem that goes on to celebrate life with its feel-good vibes and sizzling flavors.

This groundbreaking album is filled to the tee with some happening mixes that give off an electrifying appeal.

This elaborate production is also recorded with acoustic instrumentation along with electronic beats.

Watch as Music Is My Life makes history with this breakthrough record that is the first Nu House album ever.

About his comeback, Matt Warren says:  “This is my first release of my own music in ten years.  I’ve been producing, engineering and remixing for others, but have not focused on my creative needs for a long time.  I felt like I wanted to do a record that reflects my journey as both a musician and DJ.  I really wanted to give that old school feel to the songs…  I guess what I mean is to record “real music” with live instruments and arrangements… which are kind of a homage of all music I grew up listening to.”

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