Gettin’ My Crush On With Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life

By Kay Kinta 

After spending a lot of time hitting the clubs dancing to the squelching sounds and throbbing bass lines of Acid House, this girl is thrilled to have something new to dance to (hey, girls just want to have fun, you know) . By that I mean “Nu House”. “Nu House” is Acid House after it took a trip through the UK rave scene, toured the clubs of Continental Europe, and then caught a predetermined flight back to the clubs of Chicago. And what a long strange trip it’s been… 

Dance music has always been about progress and “Nu House” is the latest iteration. Ironically, the fact that this album I am reviewing is by one of original alchemists of house music, Matt Warren, makes it all the more interesting. Women DJ’s often get moved aside in the patriarchal house music world. But in this case the sisterhood does not mind. Warren’s influence is felt in a lot of the DJ’s I love to dance to, like “ubergrrl” Alison Wonderland. Or, the fact that a woman DJ can follow the blueprint laid out by Warren with his releasing his own songs through his own record label, just like Anja Schneider. I guess the closest female DJ I can relate to Matt to is fellow Chicago DJ the Black Madonna. She followed his path with residences in clubs like Smart Bar. She speaks out fiercely about Dance music needing female DJ’s over 40. Dance music needing breastfeeding DJ’s trying to get their kids to bed before they go out to spin a set. 

Dance music also needs older white men too, especially the ones that had such a large hand in creating the whole house music idea in the first place. I heard the remake of Beat the Box and in my mind I was already putting my drink and purse on the floor and starting to groove. There is a lot of music to praise on Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life. I liked Musica Es Mi Vida featuring homegirl Pepper Gomez. Hearing Get On Up for the first time made me want to get on up and dance until my heels hurt. It is an impressive addition to any already impressive career. Warren has done it all, selling over 50,000 records of a song independently and touring Europe with sought after residencies. Releasing this new collection that he conceived, all the while engineering, recording, and producing one of the best house records released in over a decade is welcome and needed.

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