Veteran Chicago House DJ Matt Warren Releases Full-Length Album 

Dubbed as ‘the cool uncle of house music, Matt Warren is bringing back the hayday of Chicago House in his first solo release in ten years, the aptly titled ‘Music Is My Life’.

Matt Warren was an early pioneer when house music first set Chicago, and later the world, on fire, producing seminal tracks such as ‘Bang the Box’ (considered the first hard house record) and ‘Rock the Nation’, and boy does it show.  At the risk of falling back on a tired cliché, house music flows through his veins, and his expertise and passion can be heard in every single beat of ‘Music Is My Life’. Tracks like ‘Get on Up’ capture the raw intensity of the Chicago scene and instantly transport you back the late 80s.

In an attempt to recapture the soul of the Chicago scene, Matt Warren creates an old school feel by getting back to basics: real arrangements, real instrumentals and soulful vocals—elements that are often lacking in the modern house scene. He assembled a supporting cast of musicians and performers who actually perform alongside the synthesised rhythms and beats, including vocalists Pepper Gomez, Elena Andujar and Janis McGee as well as jazz bassist Wes Nelson and Grammy-nominated trumpeter, Ron Haynes.

‘Music Is My Life’ casts a wide net influence-wise, incorporating elements of jazz, funk and latin music and as a result, is likely to appeal to an audience wider than the traditional house-music fan. This is set to be the defining album of Nu House, opening up the energy of Chicago House to a whole new generation, and destined to become a class of dance music more generally.

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