Wake Up! Music Group Announces Matt Warren’s“Music Is My Life”

Today, Chicago and Miami-based record company Wake Up! Music formally announced the release of DJ-producer Matt Warren’s forthcoming album “Music Is My Life”. Matt, who has four decades of music industry experience, released his first single, “Rock My Nation,” in 1984. Three years later in 1987, his classic and pioneering single “Bang the Box, sold over 50,000 copies, and nowadays, is regarded as the first ever hard house track. 

Thirty-one years later, and Matt Warren is signed to Wake Up! Music, and releasing his exciting and innovative artist album “Music Is My Life.” It features a groundbreaking new sound which Wake Up! Music and Matt Warren have dubbed Nu-House. This new sound can be heard on the eleven tracks on “Music Is My Life.” “Music Is My Life” features the first new music that Matt Warren’s has released in over ten years, and as befitting one of the pioneers of Chicago House, is on course to become a landmark album within the history of dance music. 

On “Music Is My Life,” multi-instrumentalist Matt Warren took charge of engineering, recording, production and adds vocals on what is the latest in a long line of pioneering projects that he has been involved in. However, “Music Is My Life” is a game-changer of an album, where Matt Warren will once again transform dance music and write his name into the history books. 

This Nu-House artist album features legendary house diva, Pepper Gomez, and a remake of his Chicago House classic “Bang the Box”, as well as the title track, “Musica Es Mi Vida”, a captivating fusion of free-style Latin Nu-House. 


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