Introducing Chicago House Legend, Matt Warren with ‘How Do I Love Thee’

Published on March 20th, 2019 | by Hype Editorial

You might be forgiven for having never heard Matt Warren’s name – but with the recent release of his latest single, “How Do I Love Thee”, this is likely to soon change!

An atmospheric and sultry track with a brilliantly colourful video, “How Do I Love Thee” is a classic dance track built around the ever-teasing vocals of Pepper Gomez, delivered with impressive class.

This is the second single from Warren’s first full length album, Music Is My Life, which was released earlier this year, by a musician who seems to occupy that rare position in the music business of having always been on the scene, making great music, but remaining elusively below the spotlight of the media’s attention.

Because Matt Warren was there at the very beginnings of the Chicago House movement in the 1980s and without his influence, the world of dance music would look very different. A generation after the likes of “Bang the Box” and “Rock the Nation” sent the club scene into raptures, Matt Warren returned earlier this year with his first single off Music Is My Life, Get On Up, which took the US TV music networks and radio by storm.

This latest release shows that he’s only moving forward with each release, and the end result is looking to be yet another reinvention of house music from one of its grandmasters – welcome to Nu-House.

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Facebook: @wakeupmusicgrp




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