Matt Warren is bringing the sounds of his Chicago House style back with his latest collection of tracks that showcase his talent as a musician and a DJ.

With forty years of experience in production and engineering and a foundation in the Chicago House scene, Matt Warren is back with the aptly titled release Music Is My Life. Warren’s passion on the record is clear: live instrumentation and arrangements pull no shortcuts and create rich washes of sound. Vocalists Pepper Gomez, Janis McGee, and Elena Andujar bring the tracks together while trumpets flourish.

The album opens with a string of tracks featuring Pepper Gomez’s smooth romance and style, then moves into the grooving and pop-tinged “Get On Up” featuring Janis McGee. The songs move in the space between sensual and danceable and are at their best when the two combine, as on “The Way To My Heart” and “La Rosa”. The album concludes with “The Dark Storm” a melodic piano composition that shifts the album into new territory, but keeps the strength of the heart alive.

Perfectly celebratory and ultimately fun, Music Is My Life brings Matt Warren’s Chicago House sound back to the forefront. To hear more from Warren you can find him on his websiteFacebook page, and on Spotify. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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