Electric Baile by Master Plan (1986)

Chicago House History: After winning the Columbia College AEMMP student record label contest in 1984, Master Plan (Thomas O’Callaghan and Pepper Gomez), signed with Matt Warren’s Sunset Label. Electric Baile was the first production resulting from the new partnership. Electric Baile, a part of Chicago House history, charted on Billboard and created the trajectory for continued recordings and the collaboration between Pepper Gomez, Matt Warren and Tom O’Callaghan. Tom O’Callaghan, an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, was the composer and performer of all the instrumental parts. Pepper Gomez created the vocal melodies and lyrics. Jo Pusateri’s percussion and congas brought the beat to delight. Matt Warren was the producer with Tom O’Callaghan. Studio recording engineer, Tommy Hansen also acted to ensure the production though was never fully credited for his massive role and impact on this recording and so many albums. During these early Chicago House days as well as the musical times, Electric Baile was one of the first tunes that mixed English with Spanish. People have tried to assign various genres to it but it was composed in the atmosphere that was infused in the air in Chicago as House was born. Pepper says, “There is no way I could likely recreate some of the vocal sounds I made on Electric Baile. It was such a creative yet catchy piece and it was truly the magic in the studio that supported my experimentation with singing and remains unique even to this day. That was me on castanets, too. It is touching to see how many people loved and still love this tune. Made for dancing and having a great time.”

Video by Marcus Mixx for Wake Up! Music Group (www.wakeupmusicgroup.com) Having never given up any rights, the copyright to Electric Baile continues to be held by Pepper Gomez and Tom O’Callaghan.

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