Hannah’s Bookshelf 06/04/19-with special guest Madeleine Gomez:

On the ‘6th’ of April 2019, flamenco dancer, poet, producer, singer, songwriter and founder of Wake Up! Music, Maddy Gomez spoke with Hannah Kate from North Manchester FM, on Hannah’s Bookshelf. Here’s what Hannah said:

“This week, my guest will be the fab Madeleine Gomez.

Born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Chicago and currently living in Miami, she has produced 4 volumes of poetry. Following her book, Love Poems for the New Millennium (2010-2014), her recent and third book of published poems, Three (2018), was awarded semi-finalist in the prestigious biennial Latino Andres Montoya Poetry Competition (University of Notre Dame).

In addition to writing poetry, Madeleine is a song writer, vocalist and Flamenco dancer. In 2017, Madeleine’s love of Flamenco and other non-mainstream or lesser-known musical genres resulted in the creation of Wake Up! Music.

I’ll be talking to Madeleine about her poetry, lyrics and other creative work. And, of course, she’ll be sharing her selections for this week’s Apocalypse Books.”

Listen every Saturday from 2-4pm, North Manchester FM, 106.6 FM

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