Matt Warren Going Deeper Remix Clip DJ Dominic Sustaita-That Dude Dom-Dom’s Going Deeper

Here’s DJ Dominic Sustaita with a tantalising taste of Going Deeper from Wake Up! Music’s forthcoming remix album. Keep watching this space. for more news of another groundbreaking album from Wake Up! Music, the Chicago and Florida based label. 

DJ Dominic Sustaita, who started DJing when he was 14 years old, treats us to his incredible flair and movement in this House Remix of Matt Warren’s Going Deeper from the disc Music Is My Life. Who can’t love the House flourishes, the jack, jack, jack sounds and the rhythms that are that uniquely that Dude Dom’s alone! LOVES this mix. And, we are blown away by the person and talent that is DJ Dominic Sustaita! #TexasDJsrocktheHOUSE! Thank you, my DJ Dominic – my friend, official WUM model and cheerer upper! Full release slated for summer 2019. No doubt – Nu Music and something that we are looking forward to enjoying over and over again – on the dance floor, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the car, at work – everywhere! A Marcus Mixx Production for Wake Up! Music. Written by Maddy Gomez.

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