Matt Warren How Do I Love Thee Remix Clip Ralphi Rosario Big Love Mix feat Pepper Gomez

The first in a series of tantalising tastes of Wake Up! Music’s new remix album. Enjoy, and keep watching for more details of a hugely exciting and innovative project.

Internationally renowned, DJ Producer musician, Ralphi Rosario, (affectionately known to Pepper Gomez as “La Figura”) hails from Chicago the birth place of House Music. He is a house musician and founding member of the influential Chicago DJ group Hot Mix 5. Ralphi Rosario takes charge of this BIG LOVE remix of How Do I Love Thee, a Queen Latifah remake on Matt Warren’s disc Music Is My Life. Vox by Pepper Gomez. An amazing remix created by the massive talent that is Ralphi Rosario! A Nu House Music mix with video by Marcus Mixx and brought to you by Wake Up! Music – Peace and BIG LOVE to all! Written by Maddy Gomez.



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