Warren says he never lost his love for Chicago house, however, and recently reconnected with fellow founder Pepper Gomez (now MyMy Lady G), who has founded a new label called WakeUp! Music. Warren decided to put his first LP in over a decade out on this label with Gomez, called Music Is My Life. A throwback to 80s and 90s Chicago house and no mistaking, Music Is My Life features Gomez and a host of other house legends.

Two videos have been released so far from Music Is My Life: “How Do I Love Thee” featuring Gomez and “Get On Up” with another house and disco originator, Janis McGee, on vocals. McGee was a huge get for the album because she works in so many genres, and was probably the only one who could give “Get on Up” its quintessential house Chicago flavor, not that Gomez does a bad job of it on “How Do I Love Thee” either.

As in its namesake track, the video for “Get On Up” makes a point to juxtapose elements of original house and disco music against modern elements. It features McGee with her whole backing band as well as DJs playing on modern equipment such as Serato and CDJs. The party venues in the video are arranged so that the viewer can’t tell if they’re happening in the same room or they’re separate events but that’s the point: it doesn’t matter. The tools of the trade might not be exactly the same but the sounds and the love of dance music are what endure.

Mat Warren’s return to house music can only be good news for the genre which is at the base of pretty much every straight beat form of EDM today. It’s due for a comeback, and Music Is My Life is defintiely a good start.

Music Is My Life is out now on WakeUp! Music and can be streamed on iTunes or Spotify. For more Matt Warren videos, check out WakeUp! Music’s YouTube channel.

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