Matt Warren La Rosa feat Elena Andujar Remix Clip Michael A Garza

From our DJ, Michael A Garza, we present a clip of the coming remix of Matt Warren’s “La Rosa” from the album Music Is My Life featuring the flamenca, Elena Andujar from Spain. At, we LOVE to encourage and watch as our young and NU talent create! A force from Chicago, Michael A Garza is the youngest DJ on the DJ Wall of Sound volume 1 Remix Disc of Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life (coming summer 2019). As part of YASI (Youth Arts Support Initiative), Michael A Garza has distinguished this, his first project for Wake Up! Music, with his interpretation of La Rosa that is full of beats, fresh movement and the dance framework that will leave everyone in motion and ready for more! Let’s cheer Michael A Garza on as he makes his mark on a tune featuring Elena Andujar who is already known for her voice, dance and daring to innovate. Though best known as a flamenco singer at heart, Elena continues to break confines and is now also recognized with high praise from the press for her vocal contributions to world of Nu-House club music fusions. Expect Nu-Music from – as you enjoy the best in Nu-Music and Nu-House. Congratulations, Michael A Garza!
Special thanks to DJ and Producer, Miguel Rodriguez of Fusion Records, for support, recommendations, humor and virtual coffee!

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