“Shake It” Michaelangelo featuring Pepper Gomez

Chicago House History: Michaelangelo aka Miguel Garcia and Matt Warren who recently released (2018) Music Is My Life have been life long friends and created some hot tunes during the days when House was just coming into play. Michaelangelo’s grooves and ear worm repetitive hooks gave the music his own trademarked style though the sound was clearly House. These are the roots of Chicago House. On this composition where he collaborates with Pepper Gomez who wrote the lyrics and vocal melodies, the verses fade into a long break at the end of the tune perfect for the DJs to play and do their music mixology magic. Pepper Gomez says, “This track was so lost, that I had forgotten I did it – but that’s me alright! Anytime I got to work with Michaelangelo or Matt Warren was a happy day fit for dancing!” We have Jerome Derradji and Still Music to thank for bringing this one literally to life for us! Such a dance tune – and now you can Shake It as our loveliest starring model Sydney Krey aka Syd Vicious grooves through a night to this tune! Video by Acronym for http://www.wakeupmusicgroup.com Sweetest thanks to my Wild Boys, Roman and Ryan!

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