Introducing The DJs: DJ Spinna

Brooklyn-born DJ Spinna is another superstar DJ, who first stepped behind the wheels of steel at the age of eleven. Since then, he’s toured the world, with the flamboyant showman spinning everything from hip hop and house to funk and soul during eclectic sets that show off his prodigious skills. However, DJ-ing is just part of DJ Spinna’s story.

DJ Spinna was also a member of Jigmastas, who released their first single “Beyond Real” in 1996 and later, was a member of the hip hop supergroup Polyrhythm Addicts whose debut album dropped “Rhyme-Related” dropped in 1999. Later, DJ Spinna went on to become a member of the  New York-based live house music group Tortured Soul and Domecrackers. He also collaborated with Stevie Wonder and Eminem, and has enjoyed a successful production career, while making a name as a top remixer. 

Over the last two decades, DJ Spinna has breathed new life into tracks by Al Jarreau, Betty Carter, Donald Byrd, Eddie Kendricks and Roy Ayers with one of his remixes. This has resulted in DJ Spinna being hailed today as one of the world’s top remixers as his remix of Galactic Soul Remix of The Way To My Heart, which features legendary house diva Pepper Gomez shows. The Way To My Heart will feature on Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1: Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life, which will be released by Wake Up! Music on the ‘19th” July 2019.

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